Dog Christmas Ornaments

Original Hand-Crafted Dog Christmas Ornaments are made with Break-resistant safe acrylic resin that is artistically custom hand-painted with acrylic paints for the Realistic Dog Breed Christmas Ornament you have been looking for to fill your need to help celebrate the season. Each Dog Christmas Ornament includes a heart charm or other charms pictured from which to choose. Order custom-painted Dog Ornaments with your very own dog’s representation of colors and markings. Personalize with your Best Friend’s name and year printed on the back. All have bright, durable clear poly-coating for long-lasting years of protection. Hand-painted Dog Breed Christmas Ornaments will brighten up your tree or use an Ornament stand for the look of Dog Ornaments for All Seasons on your coffee table or mantle. Surprise your friends and family with these Dog Christmas Ornaments for gifts. Hand-crafted dog ornaments make your season’s decorations unique with Ornaments. Children and adults alike will delight with smiles and happiness to use these Hand-Crafted Dog Christmas Ornaments each year. Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings! Be sure to contact us for bulk orders or individually customized ornaments painted just like your dog’s own colors. Our email address is Text or call at 913 980 3553
You may also order unpainted, plain white hand-crafted ornaments to use as a family project, painting each ornament individually. Or you may order the plain unpainted white Dog Breed Ornaments to use and compliment your own business. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time of the year.